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How to improve your productivity when working from home with scent

How to improve your productivity when working from home with scent
How to improve your productivity when working from home with scent.

Do you ever feel that you could produce better quality work if your work environment were just a little bit nicer? 

Did you know that scents are so powerful that they can shape and drive our behaviour? In fact, scents have the ability to evoke both positive and negative psychological states of mind. 

How many times have you smelled something that reminded you of your childhood and made you feel warm and safe? How many times have you smelled something bad that’s encouraged you to move away or leave a room?

Though we often process smells unconsciously, we can harness the power of smell to our advantage and use it to shape our emotional, physical, and mental state. Adding some fragrance to your workspace is a simple yet amazingly effective way to increase productivity. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is by burning scented candles. Not only will they make your work area smell nice, but the flickering flame can also be soothing and help reduce your stress levels.

Whether you’re tackling an analytical problem or working on a creative task, there’s a smell for that:


Rosemary doesn’t just smell good; it’s a useful tool to improve memory as well! Rosemary helps to increase alertness, which means fewer careless mistakes that eat away at productive hours. 

House of EQ scent specialists rosemary


Who knew a productivity tool was just sitting in your fridge? Lemons are one of the most popular productivity boosters. One study has found that the scent of lemons led to a 54% decrease in typing errors! Check out our Citrus Fresh option in our candle making kits for the perfect zesty scent!

scent and productivity when working from home lemon


The smell of lavender improves productivity in the sense that it promotes a calm, peaceful work environment. Lavender soothes your nerves and can relieve nervous tension. Instead of getting caught up in stress and feeling overwhelmed about your to-do list, you can instead move ahead with a clear head on your shoulders. Our Desk Delight bundle comes with a natural lavender scented candle – perfect for your WFH space.

lavender scented hand poured soy wax candle in an aesthetically pleasing interior


Besides smelling delicious, cinnamon fragrances boost efficiency by helping you overcome exhaustion. As the workday drags on, it’s almost inevitable for productivity to decline and your mind to wander. To avoid this burnout, try lighting a cinnamon-scented candle.


The smell of peppermint has an amazing invigoration effect on the mind. It’s kind of like a cup of coffee — but for your nose! Peppermint stimulates clear thinking while promoting energized behaviour and improving the accuracy of your memory. This could be exactly what you need for a brainstorming session, or when you’re dealing with a particularly difficult task. 

hand holding peppermint

Whether you're working from home or in the office, a little bit of fragrance can go a long way towards helping you get things done. 

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