Our Journey – House of EQ

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Discover, Trigger, Stimulate

We have become a society that focuses on the ‘IQ’s’ and the ‘to-do’s’ while neglecting what it means to simply ‘be you’. House of EQ are the architects of opportunity to change this. By opening the gateways to the senses, we are paving the way for cultivating and celebrating uniqueness.

-  Rachel Forbes, Founder of House of EQ

Our Journey

Rachel Forbes is the founder and Managing Director of House of EQ. 

Rachel’s own journey has taken her from finance and adventure in the far east to feelings and fragrance in the west of Ireland. Born in Dublin and raised in Mayo, Rachel completed a degree in Property Economics and Valuation Surveying at Technical University of Dublin followed by a Masters in Risk Management at Queen's University Belfast. 

Her studies brought her to Asia, working in the fast paced world of international finance managing cross border negotiations. Facing language barriers and cultural differences, Rachel quickly began to realise that a large part of her success was due to her interest in and use of emotional intelligence (EQ). Through studying their sensory cues in different situations and finding out what motivated them in their lives, she found deeper ways to connect with her colleagues. From that moment, emotional intelligence became an integral part of her life and combined with her love of creativity and fragrance, House of EQ was born.

A Brand is Born:

Rachel returned home to Ireland from China when the global Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020. Suddenly the mission statement of her new company became a new way of life for many people across the world. For the first time ever things came to a standstill, people slowed down and without the usual distractions began to dial into their own sense of self becoming more emotionally aware than ever before. This new era of mass self awareness was just the jumping off point that House of EQ needed.

Our Philosophy

At House of EQ we believe that aroma has a profound effect on our brain, our mood and our character, which in turn impacts how we perceive the world around us. To inspire this more emotionally connected way of living, House of EQ offers a selection of sensory experiences which include fragrance design, aroma mixology and candle making workshops. We also offer a selection of candle making kits that allow customers to relax and develop their own personal aroma for their space.  

We believe that creating emotionally intelligent communities can help us to build a happier, healthier, more productive and compassionate society.

Discover, Trigger, Stimulate.